= Using a VPN I made on a virtual private server for my own self-hosted server =

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Hi friends

I have a server at my house. This server runs various things. I wanted to make a public minecraft server with it, but don't want to expose my IP to the world of 13 year old kids who dox and ddos for le epic funny.

I therefore wanted to use a VPN that I made myself (openvpn). However, I have no idea where to start or begin. Can I even host on a server that is using a VPN? And if so, can I use that VPN to solely work on a single port? I don't really understand VPNs that well or how they work, so sorry if I made this difficult to understand.

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VPN is a software used to connect computers, not a system in itself.

What you may need is a VPS. A VPS is a virtual system online, far and removed from your home network, where young sir could host sir's minecraft server away from the prying hands of13 year olds.

Popular sites include: Scaleway, Digital Ocean, Linode, and the like.

If you want to further protect your server with VPN access so that you and your buddies are the only ones who can connect, you can install a VPN server like wireguard alongside your server, and have your friends use client files to connect, same as you, to keep out the riffraff.

Or young sir could install wireguard VPN on said server at home, publish nothing to the internet but the Wireguard port and go about things that way.

So I do something like this on my VPS (Virtual Private server) and my Home server for my emails.

I use wireguard for this as it's a bit more straight forward as it's just presented as a network interface. What you want to do is a iptables port forward

General wireguard iptables how-to: httpswww.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-set-up-wireguard-firewall-rules-in-linux/

Wireguard iptables port forward: httpslewiswalsh.com/port-forwarding-with-iptables-for-wireguard/

*Edit: that said as you have said you have a VPS already skip the complications and just run the server on the VPS itself? A minecraft server isn't that big of a resource hog (if memory serves)

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