= Newbie needs direction to setup a VPS with a VPN. =

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(This is not a VPN provider recommendation request)

Looks like the country where I live will outlaw VPN privacy. What is the easiest way for a non-technical newb like me to set up my own VPN in USA? I need VPN access to US and would like VPN access to UK.

Can I get a pre-made image that has the server and VPN all bundled together? Can Docker/Kubernetes/container do something like this? Something like a one click install for the whole thing?

Is a US based VPS with VPN an effective way to get around laws and systems that block/compromise commercial VPNs?

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I do this all the time, turn up my own private vpn server, using vps services.

I just checked vultr, they do offer an openvpn server image that runs on ubuntu.

Honestly, I just turn up a vanilla linux server (I use Debian for servers), and there is a very popular openvpn installation script, that will ask you a few questions, then build the vpn server for you.


Check that out. If you aren't comfortable with linux, well, maybe you shouldn't try to bypass your country's vpn restrictions. Not without learning how to, first.

Yes, the major vps providers like vultr and linode make it easy to turn up vpn servers.

You just select which city, then which image to run. They should have openvpn server images, maybe one with obfuscation, to hide the ssl traffic. Obviously, move the connect port to 443 too.

You'll have to dig and learn a little, if you really want to evade vpn detection. There are plenty of how-to's out there.

Hmmm Looks like a DIY VPN is not effective/useful if the country uses a national firewall.

"Censorship-heavy countries like China invest enormous resources in keeping their firewalls up. They have all big cloud companies on their radars, so your [VPS provided] assigned IP address will most likely be blocked."

from httpsvpnoverview.com/vpn-information/build-your-own-vpn/

This VPS server would run and your VPN as wellbut how long ?

The blocking inside your own country, could easy be bypassed with a VPS server.

If you aren't a Linux expert in security, don't even try it to do it alone.

Installing a secure Linux Server in a VPS environment isn't a task , that can be done within 2 Hours or by a not so experienced person.

Honest ?, I wouldn't give your private VPS server a chance of max 20 % to have a uptime higher than 24h , before the server is hacked by Chinese or Russian Hackers.

PS : My personal advice.

Find someone who build and secure this server for you