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So I'm looking for a

*LEGIT* and cheap VPS, the maximum amount is 7$. Anyone who can recommend anything. if you know some good sites please tell me about their support and what your experience with the company is. i would prefer the server is located in EU or UK

I can vouch for all three mentioned by /u/elitepc

Have used all of them, and you cannot go wrong with any one of them. If you just need a VPS without extra bells and whistles, linode is bang for buck.

Otherwise, digitalocean and vultr has most extensive tools to offer beside an unmanaged server.

Hetzner just released their new cloud offering TODAY.

It's about $3/mo USD and comparable to DO/Linode/Vultr/OVH, but servers are in germany:


Forex trading VPS hosting is used by the traders only so there are very few companies that offer good services at the cheapest cost.

I heard about

**DedicatedCore** which offers the cheapest forex VPS hosting plans. I have checked their all plans are full of features and give the best services. I hope I will definitely try it.

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