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I've been searching for cheap VPS hosting. I've noticed a wide range of pricing for what seems to be the same thing. I'm looking for no greater than $10/mo, ideally $5. 2 cpu would be ideal but I can probably live with 1. At least 1GB ram. I've looked at the cheapest offerings from Digital Ocean, letbox, LA vps, dedipath, virmach, (based on lowendbox lists). Is there a good site or table that compares all of them in terms of quality and/or reliability? I'm wondering what kind of hidden surprises there may be if I just go with whatever is cheapest. Reliability is probably more important to me than performance as I don't want it going down all the time and messing up DNS and email. If places go out of business or raise their prices all the time, there will be hassle with moving everything.

wow those are cheap. But my main question is, how do these to the more expensive ones. Server cheap can get me a 2cpu/2gb vps for $52/yr, DO wants $180/yr. Is there no difference in who I choose other than price? If that were true, how does DO get away with more than 3X price? Or is server cheap 3X worse in some way that I'm not seeing

Hmm, I didnt think about DDoS protection. I thought that would be the provider's responsibility.

I suppose some of these are cheap enough that I could buy two and have redundancy. However, I never really thought I needed to go that far.

I am only using this for some personal projects for fun. BUT I also am parking some domains that I use for email, subdomains, etc so there needs to be some reliability. Maybe I need to rethink my strategy. I can just use the VPS for a single domain. The put the others at some free domain parking site that will do things like subdomains and email forwarding. I would think those would be more reliable.

I feel like size plays a big role here, a company like Digital Ocean istraded and massive. It's not going anywhere. A lot of the smaller hosts you find on lowendbox well, I don't have the same confidence in. I've purchased aof cheap VPSs off those places before with very mixed results. Some have stuck around for a while (I can only personally attest to letbox being around for couple years - dont know anything about others). But those companies aren't the ones I host anything really important on in general. Sometimes there's somedeals and I can have a cheap storage or developer box that's essentially a throw away for some crazy low price? I've been known to buy a few. But for serious stuff where my concern is reliability, I stick to bigger providers (I have/had stuff running on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Linode, Hetzner, etc).

OK, that makes sense. Bigger provider has a bigger name and potentially bigger reputation so they can charge a bigger price.

It feels like with the cheaper smaller ones, you are gambling unless you can gather info from current users (like people in this sub). That is why I asked if there was a website that reviews them or provides metrics (uptime, benchmarks, etc)

As for going out of business, I understand that can be annoying. Speaking of that, is there a standard way to easily save a copy (image?) of your VPS so you can easily get back up and running on another VPS incase one goes down? Otherwise, I guess I could try to create setup scripts (like a Dockerfile)

I've used digital ocean , linode and upload. All good all about the same price. I believe hetzner are cheaper and good, I'm going to be looking at some if the names above and try to cut costs but.

I'm going to have backups.

I'm going to have a back up plan.

With DO I'm used to being billed by the hour, if this is true across the board it should be relatively cheap to test a couple of offerings

You can get a cheap one at Zap Hosting. I've used them for my various bot projects (Spotify bot) with heavy resource load. Just hang around on the site for a while and they give you a 50% off coupon. It's about $12 without and $6 with the coupon for a 4 core / 4 gb ram windows vps there. I've had no hassle there before and there support answers very quickly and offer a lot of help.

I ended up just using Racknerd. It is hard to say no to 1gb ram, 1vcpu, 17gb storage for $11/yr. Support has been good so far. I can always upgrade later if needed. I also like that they let me mount any ISO of choice (requires a support ticket). Gives me the option of a clonezilla backup restore if needed and other customizations. Not sure if others offer that.

I can always upgrade later or switch to someone else after a year. Pretty low risk

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