= [FRESH] Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Belize (feat. MF DOOM) =

In an interview from earlier in the week Danger Mouse said he would periodically record tracks here and there with DOOM for several years after Mouse and the Mask and that this verse was from one of those sessions

Here it is:
How did the DOOM feature come about? Was that something that you had kicking around?
When DOOM and I finished the album, we kept working together for years here and there. Track here, track there, but not really a lot of finished stuff. And there was a time when that overlapped with me working with Tariq. They were both fans of each other, and so there were a few songs we did where I was like, “Hey, I got a verse from Black Thought. You want to do one?” He was like, “Yeah, great,” and then vice versa. This particular song was one that I never did get Tariq on, but was what we had talked about. We had talked about doing that. So I had it, and I just held it and held it, and when we were doing this project, decided to use it

Just to expand on this a few days later..

Absolutely topnotch. Not something I throw around lightly but AOTY. Has everything that some of my most anticipated albums this last 8-12 months has been missing, apart from maybe a couple

Can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it's got me replaying over and over

Not sure if it's just me, but feels like not enough people out there talking about it

Edit: Apologies, upon reread, we're talking about the single here, whilst I'm banging on about the album as a whole

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