Will AppMySite be compatible with my website's plugins? Although AppMySite supports a wide variety of third-party WordPress plugins, there are a reasonable number of plugins that will not work. It depends on how the plugin is coded. Plugins integrated with the official WordPress REST APIs are likely to work well with our app. However, if the plugin does not support the WordPress REST APIs, your plugin will struggle. Your best bet is to reach out to the author of the plugin in question for assistance. Alternatively, you could simply turn on our web view feature within the app settings, that will render your mobile site within the app. If your website’s plugins create custom post types and taxonomies, you can sync them to your app. AppMySite offers support for custom post types and taxonomies created via third-party plugins and themes. It is important to note that some plugins have the potential to tamper with the core functionality of your WordPress website and as a result will disrupt the connectivity between your website and your app

Will my website content be synced with the app automatically? AppMySite syncs your website and app in real-time, automatically. Any change you make to the website would be reflected to the app in real-time. What will happen to my app in case my domain or website hosting expires? In case your website stops working for any reason (domain or hosting expiry), your app will stop working too. Your app’s content is sourced directly from your website database. If the app is not able to connect with your website at any point, it will stop working. Will my website performance be affected by AppMySite's plugin? AppMySite’s plugin has no impact on the speed and performance of your website. It simply connects your website and app and doesn’t affect your site’s speed in any way. All the data that appears in the app is directly sourced from your website's database. Our plugin does not add to the load time. If your website’s plugins create custom post types and taxonomies, you can sync them to your app. AppMySite offers support for custom post types and taxonomies created via third-party plugins and themes. How can I get support for a plugin or theme that AppMySite is not compatible with? If you’re using a plugin or custom theme that AppMySite does not support, you can:
• You could simply turn on our web views for posts, products, pages and custom post types from within the app settings, which will render your mobile site within the app

• Reach out to the author of the plugin(s) in question and get them to add support for the official WordPress APIs

• The AppMySite Community is a great place for our customers to share their wishlist. Feature requests that gain enough traction eventually make their way to our product roadmap. How can I avail the features outside the pricing plan? You can always upgrade to a higher pricing plan in order to avail features outside your subscription. Before choosing a plan, you can take a look at all the features included in every plan and take a call accordingly. All AppMySite plans are inclusive of taxes. There are no hidden charges. Will my app continue working if I stop paying my monthly or annual subscription? Your app will be downgraded to the free Preview plan when you stop paying your monthly or annual subscription. In this case, your app will stop working. If you don’t want to pay on a recurring basis, there is an option to subscribe to a lifetime subscription as well. How many apps can I create in each plan? Every WordPress & WooCommerce plan is available for a single mobile app. In case you wish to create multiple apps, you can purchase a separate plan for each app or choose to subscribe to ‘Unlimited Workspace’ plans. These plans enable you to build unlimited apps on a single plan. Will AppMySite publish my app as well? Once you finish building your app on AppMySite, you can download you app build(s) and publish to the app store(s). Furthermore, you can refer to our Help Center for documentation and video tutorials regarding app submission to the app stores. If you require additional support, you can purchase the Upload to App Stores add-on. With this add-on, you can allow AppMySite to submit your app to the app store(s). We do not offer any form of custom development services. AppMySite is a DIY platform where users can sign up and create a mobile app on their own. Do you have a refund policy? Click here to learn more about our refund policy. Do these plans also include the cost of creating Apple and Google developer accounts? Once you finish creating an app on AppMySite, you can submit your app to Google Play and Apple App Store via developer accounts. You’re required to create an Apple and Google account on your own. Your AppMySite subscription plan doesn’t include the cost of creating Apple and Google developer accounts. Visit our Help Center to learn how to create an Apple and Google developer account. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions at any time, on a prorated basis. What is your cancellation policy? You can cancel your paid subscription and downgrade to the free plan at any time. Once canceled, you will not be charged for any subsequent billing cycles. Your app will stop working as soon as you downgrade back to a free plan. What do I get in the Preview plan? We’d like you to try before you buy, which is what you can do with the Preview plan. You can build as many free apps as you like and preview them from within your account before you upgrade and publish. Distribution licenses authorize you to download your app from AppMySite for submission to the app store(s). Depending on your plan, you’ll need developer accounts for Google Play and the Apple App Store in order to publish your apps. Once you build your apps, you’ll be able to download your APK or AAB files (for your Android apps) and an IPA file (for your iOS apps) which then can be uploaded to your developer accounts. How much time does it take to publish an app? Once an app is submitted to the relevant app store, it is subject to a review from their end. Both stores generally take 24-48 hours but could take longer depending on various factors. You can find more details