More Reliable Websites With Advanced Technology Features at Cloud Hosting Niagahoster A variety of the best features for your Large Scale Website from Cloud Hosting Niagahoster Monitor website performance and problems that occur on your website quickly and accurately with the PHP X-Ray feature. A better response process with The latest protocol from HTTP/3 + QUIC makes your website performance faster. Enjoy the best hosting performance with LiteSpeed ​​Memcached support even with high visitor traffic. The server is safer from hacker attacks for both the old and the latest version of PHP with HardenedPHP. Other users are guaranteed not to be able to access important information from each user with the CageFS feature. Kernel-level technology from SecureLinks will protect your website from symbolic link attacks. The server is more reliable, always uptime, and awake from DDoS attacks with Advance DDoS protection. Protecting from External Attacks Detecting attacks that will enter until security is guaranteed with technology advanced technology from Advanced WAF. Scanning will be performed on every update that occurs, so that malware will be detected in realtime. Server resource management is more effective with Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology. Server performance is more stable, avoiding the risk of downtime. Throttle usage feature from MySQL The governor ensures that there is no abuse of resources to prevent server overload and maintain server stability. Cloud Hosting supports various frameworks and CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! As well as supports for NodeJs and Python. Website performance and security are guaranteed with uptime 99.995%, 2N redundancy, high-standard security, as well as power outage protection for 96 hours. The Patch Management feature allows your server kernel to be automatically updated to the latest version without having to reboot and disrupt the server's performance. With the support of the Reputation Management feature from Imunifiy360, you can find out if the website detected dal general blacklist and perform early handling. Proactive Defense technology monitors the performance of all PHP scripts on the server and automatically blocks scripts that are indicated as malware. Control panel that is easy to operate with a simple cPanel display makes management more efficient. Facilitates the installation of various applications without having to set up web server configuration with Softaculous auto installer. Makes it easy for you to overcome the cause of problems on the website quickly and accurately with features from PHP X-Ray Feature support from Cloudflare provides facilities to ensure the website is fast and secure. Various features from LiteSpeed ​​can easily increase the speed of the website even though in high traffic surges. Step by Step Guide

 Use of Cloud Hosting Various basic knowledge and complete guides are available specifically to help you start, manage, and achieve

 online success with the best Cloud Hosting service from Niagahoster! How to Know the Resource Usage in the Member Area Cluster technology in the Cloud Hosting service combines several server resources centrally. Here are the steps to know the use of server resources through the Member Area. Read More Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses several servers for more stable server performance. Various advantages can help optimize your website's performance. Read More The WordPress Management feature makes it easy to manage a WordPress-based website. From account management, updates, configuration to installation, this feature can be accessed through Member Area. Read More

Cloud Hosting is a web hosting service that has high resources. The resources in question are equivalent to VPS Hosting, including CPU capacity, RAM, IO, IOPs, EP, NPROC, and Inodes. Cloud Hosting is designed with convenience for customers in mind. In addition to resources which is equivalent to VPS, the Cloud Hosting service is fully-managed, so it is easy to use and has great performance. The large resources equivalent to VPS Hosting allow your website to be accessed by millions of visitors, while keeping your website's performance at its best. Technical settings are easy to do with features that are already available. Some of them are Auto Installer, WordPress Staging, Litespeed Web Server, and WP Accelerator. Large, dedicated resources, and connection speeds of up to 10Gig/s make your website always accessible as fast as lightning. Supported by the best protection system, website You are guaranteed to be safe from malware, DDoS, and hacker attacks. Customer Success Agent Niagahoster ready to provide quick technical assistance, whenever you need it. Website management becomes easier and you can focus on developing your business. What Kind of Websites Need Cloud Hosting Indonesia? Cloud Hosting services are highly recommended for websites with high traffic needs.Any type of website, be it an online store, a company profile, or a news portal, can use Cloud Hosting services. Can Cloud Hosting be used for E-Learning &&Online Tests in Schools? Moodle Optimization. For E-learning &&Online Tests in schools using Cloud Hosting need to be optimized through memcache so that the teaching process and online tests can run well without interruption from a heavy hosting server. See the complete guide for optimization on the WordPress Optimization page If you want to use E-Learning and Online Tests in many classes at the same time, then you should immediately switch to Cloud VPS Hosting services. Cloud Hosting has high resources, equivalent to Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting. The resources in question include CPU, RAM, IO, IOPs, EP, NPROC, and Inodes. There are resources that high ensures that your website is faster to access, secure, and easy to use. Cloud Hosting is also fully managed. That means, Niagahoster professionals do all the optimization, setup, and server maintenance. You only need to focus on website development. If there is a problem with the Cloud Hosting service, you can contact the Customer Success Agent at any time. The situation is different with VPS Hosting. Although it has high resources and is dedicated, You need to do the setup and management independently. In addition, Niagahoster's Customer Success Agent does not provide assistance in the event of a VPS configuration problem that could result in your website being exposed to hacker attacks, DDoS, BruteForce, malware, etc. VPS Hosting also not equipped with additional features such as cPanel, LiteSpeed ​​Web Server, Imunify360, and so on. To use these features, you need to install &&optimize independently. Licenses for each feature are available for a fee, which means you need to pay additional fees. Cloud Hosting Indonesia has resources that are far more adequate than services n Shared Hosting &&Unlimited Hosting. Large resources make Cloud Hosting able to accommodate a large amount of visitor traffic. Meanwhile, Shared Hosting divides resources so that it can be used by many users simultaneously. This makes the resource capacity of each Shared Hosting account very limited. In fact, if there are other websites that use resources beyond capacity, your website's performance can be affected. How much should I spend to use Cloud Hosting? The cost you spend depends on the Cloud Hosting package you choose. The price of Niagahoster's Cloud Hosting service starts from Rp. 150 thousand per month. You can choose the cheapest Cloud Hosting package and upgrade to a package on it at any time. Is Cheap Cloud Hosting Niagahoster equipped with Free Domain and SSL? Yes. Not only do you get cheap Indonesian cloud hosting, you also get a domain and SSL free for the first year. Can I Upgrade Shared Services? Hosting to Cloud Hosting? Yes. You can upgrade from shared hosting to cloud hosting through the Niagahoster Client Area. Click the Manage Hosting menu and select Upgrade at the bottom. Select the Cloud Hosting package following the service duration you want, then click Upgrade Now. Next You only need to complete the payment according to the nominal amount listed. After making the payment, you will get a notification that the Cloud Hosting service is active. Do I also get a User Guide and Technical Assistance? Yes. Niagahoster provides a complete guide in the Knowledge Base and Niagahoster Blog. You too can contact Niagahoster's Customer Success Agent at any time via live chat, telephone (021-50861682), and WhatsApp (0895395186038 None Available for all Cloud Hosting Package services with a minimum duration as follows:

- For Basic and Standard packages minimum duration of 1 Year.- For Premium and Corporate packages minimum duration of 6 Months.• None The free domain offer only applies to new purchases, does not apply to service extensions or service upgrades.• None The applicable domain extension is . ,,,, .com, .site, .xyz, .website, .online, .store, .tech
• None The offer applies to all users whether they are new users or those who have previously registered. • None The additional duration of the free domain given is 1 year. Select the answer below and click No. Chat Support if you need further