= The newly opened Gila River International Motorspeedway host two NASCAR events for over 150,000 fans, the GRIM Reaper 500 and the GRIM Fandango 400. =

Unfortunately it is not it's a huge build full of procedural objects, props, and networks. And each person in the crowd is a cim prop

Marble Mountain Speedway is, however, and that's a wonderful build that was made for Two Dollars Twenty's Marble Mountain series

I individually placed about 300 cims on a section of the stands and then did some creative copy/paste to create varied blocks and then cut and pasted those to make bigger blocks and then placed those in the stands manually. With the spaces in the crowd, I estimate about 110,000 prop cims that make up the crowd inside. The crowds outside are actual in-game cims walking paths and going into block service buildings placed along those paths and hidden by the stands

The art direction, story, and voice acting are all fantastic. The pinnacle of LucasArts' adventure games

Some of the puzzles are very frustrating, so honestly play with a guide. But the remaster version on Steam is very playable and worth the few bucks to enjoy one of the greats of the genre

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