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= 100,000 MTGFinance Subscribers Giveaway! Hosted by MinMaxGames. =

Good morning fellow Magic Financiers! Today we are celebrating the momentous achievement of reaching 100,000 subscribers! First, I'd like to thank everyone for the great participation that you provide in this sub. You guys and gals are the lifeblood of this sub

To celebrate this wonderful milestone, MinMaxGames, co-owned by /u/pkuhlman140 and /u/totentanzen333 has generously offered to give away a number of high value prizes!
Prizes include the following:
(1) Dominaria United Collector Box
(1) Double Masters Omega Pack
(1) $25 MinMaxGames Gift Card
(1) MinMaxGames Playmat
(1) MinMaxGames Hoodie or T-shirt
(5) MH2 Set Sleeved Packs
(1) Arabian Nights Diamond Valley (D/HP)
Be a subscriber, and make a TOP LEVEL COMMENT on this thread (replying to another comment does not count)! One entry per person. Please feel free to share your best (orspecs here, or just talk about how MTGFinance has helped you enjoy this card game we all love

We will be running this giveaway through the long weekend! Tuesday morning (about 72 hours from now) the mods will lock comments and randomly select SEVEN winners (one for each category of prize), who will be sent to the owners of MinMaxGames to reach out via Reddit

See you at the next milestone
~~when we overtake ~~r/EDH
Alright guys, Locked and we'll do the name drawing in a little bit!
Thanks for entering!
I’m a bad MTG Financier. I stopped playing and collecting about 18 years ago

I was anfor selling my cards. And now I’m anfor getting back into it

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And sincerely big BIG thank you to /u/pkuhlman140 and /u/totentanzen333 for the prizes! We really appreciate you making this special occasion extra fun for our subscribers

**EDIT: If you have any questions about the giveaway or anything else, reply to this comment here and I'll do my best to answer them
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I never thought that us financewith our "finance" degrees from a cornflakes box, would ever have a chance at getting something that resembles value out of this sub reddit

It’s nothing glamorous but my best specs were buying boxes of the original double masters and holding them. Might not be as big of a play as others make but it pays for new standard cards, etc

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If it weren’t for you guys I would have thrown out my ledger shredder and lethal scheme by now

I don't even spec Just read the sub and enjoy learning
It's okay, I sold, what I thought was a bulk-rare, ledger shredder playset for $5 each when SNC came out R/mtgfinance's best use has been to occasionally buy cards before large spikes Thanks for panicking me into buying a [[gilded drake]] before the pandemic spikes! Please I need the diamond valley to feed my family aka my wife and her boyfriend spec was not buying up every Chain of Smog non-foil on cardmarket when they were still available at 5 cents each after the combo was spoiled. Still frustrated with myself to this day I don’t make any specs, but I do come here to find good buys. Thanks for the giveaway MinMaxGames! == About Community == Members Online