= PSA: Optic is hosting a $25,000 pot bonus tournament in texas and theres only 17 entrants =

Oct 15th — 16th, 2022
I clicked the link expecting to see no big names and the first one on there iswizzrobe
By the way this is 8 invited players, then the rest will play for 8 qualifying spots
I think they announce it like 2 weeks ago, so not a lot of time for advertising well the tournament and get more attendes, Also the event is in the weekend after Big House, and the weekend before the Ludwig Invitational, 2 crazy stacked tournaments almost back to back

So yeah, kinda a bad timing to run a tournament, that also is going to share the spotlight with Dreamhack Rotterdam, tournament that bring most the best players of Europe, with the addition of IBDW and Zain. Of course more people could register in these weeks, considering the great prize pool, but let's see what happen

sees Wizzrobe as first attendant on list
I'm read for round 2 of Wizzy saying Optic Gaming 30x in a single video just for the chance of them picking him up as a sponsor
Man I'm not surprised that this wasn't a huge major or anything being an unestablished event and also the second time ever hearing about it, but you'd think that at least Texas players would show up

Maybe they can salvage it a bit and do some fun side brackets lol

This is in less than a month and it has no entrants? Is the entry fee like super high or something? Why aren't people going to this
its 60$ total which isnt bad for a major but the advertising for the event was
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