= $25,000 Melee Charity Tournament hosted OpTic Gaming =

hey guys! Hitch here. Creative director for OpTic and long time melee fan. I've been hosting "throwback" Call of Duty tournaments the past 5 years to raise money for charity and this year I wanted to bring in melee as well

This event is going to be a blast, and would love to have any of you guys out to compete or just spectate and hang out! Tons of different things going on, and all for a good cause

There are 8 players invited for the main bracket (amsa, axe, jmook, s2j, ginger, n0ne, wizzy, and lucky). The other 8 will qualify through an open bracket live at the event! Those 8 qualified players will also win $250 and a pair of Oakley sunglasses (lmao)

anyways, this is my first time doing anything in melee so i'm mad nervous but really hope you guys have a wonderful time watching. more info here

<3 Unfortunately this tournament is hosted the same weekend as dreamhack
I hope it goes well! Love to see more orgs in melee at any scale. And the invites are a really exciting list of players imo, jmook seems like the clear favorite but I could see most of them taking the whole thing

Any (even slim) possibility on optic picking up any top player(s) in the future?
Huge props for supporting the scene! Dreamhack is in Europe so I'm sure there will still be lots of great NA talent who should be able to show up
Wizzy vs Jmook is a destined banger to happen. Wouldn't be surprised if it was 40% neutral 50% tech chases 10% anything else
I would drop kick a small child over thehouse fence just to watch game 1 of that set
I would guess jmook, but it’s super cool to see all 3 top falcons playing in the same tournament again
The 8 invites alone make this worthy of the community’s attention - will be watching/donating!
Hitch you’re a legend for this! Wish I was in that part of the country