= OpTic Hitch is hosting a $25,000 Melee Tournament in Arlington, TX! =

Inb4 Wizzrobe wins OpTic tournament and gets sponsored by OpTic after he lost his sponsor due to Team Envys merger with OpTic
I believe he said he wanted to be on OpTic in the past, so that would be great

Envy players chose if they wanted to be optic or leave the org (I thought, sorry if misinformation)
Even if you aren’t entering, I’d go for top 8 at least. The vibes are usually immaculate and super hype
Any tournament that attracts national talent within an hour is a very lucky thing to have, you should go
Definitely go. At that distance you won't regret it. If you aren't having a good time you can just drive home and be in bed within an hour

This and Dreamhack Rotterdam which has at least Zain/IBDW/Leff/like all of Europe's best makes for 2 big tourneys that weekend combined with this. Plus potential for like important SWT standing shake ups at The Script, just even more to an already busy October
The Script appears to have been quietly cancelled. It has no startgg page barely a month out and has been removed from the SWT schedule httpssmashworldtour.com/schedule-2022/ which was pretty much the only reference to it's existence besides maybe a tweet or something

Out of all the clips they could have used for melee, Silent Wolf still out here catching the L
Was sorta expecting some SBMM jokes in the comments of this thread and glad there wasn't any lol
Just a heads up I was at this venue a month ago for the Dota major and it was a pretty meh venue. Might be better for melee since it's less detail focused but screen wasn't nearly big enough for the venue it was in roughly 1/2 the seats were terrible and better off watching on your phone

Is the Black Ops 2 scene big? I'm surprised to see it here over the other CoDs
It’s the off-season for CoD (hence the event name) so they’re hosting a throwback tournament. Bo2 is widely regarded as the best competitive title for cod so it still gets a lot of love
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