= PSA: Optic is hosting a $25,000 pot bonus tournament in texas and theres only 17 entrants =

Oct 15th — 16th, 2022

Opened the start gg expecting aof players I’ve never heard of. See several top 20 players
17 players and it's already looking like a major(
**WIZZY WIN I love these non-Nintendo sponsors because even though it's "eSports" it still feels kind of grassroots. I hope we can show out to show we reciprocate sponsors who invest in us

and it's already looking like a major
There are just two current established top 10 players (aMSa and n0ne, due to Wizzrobe's hiatus) on this list, and there's an actual major (Dreamhack Rotterdam) on the same weekend. And no top 5 players

With that said, the established major is European so this still has the potential to be turned into a major if two of HBox, Plup, and Jmook take note and show up as well. Having two majors to follow in the same weekend would be pretty

But if they don't show, I don't see how it gets classified as a major unless people are just going to classify any large pot bonus tournament as one

Edit: did jmook just join recently or did I miss that he was already there? I do think it'll be a major if just plup or hbox joins as well

Kindathat Optic is hosting this on the same weekend as Dreamhack. Hopefully this doesn't discourage Optic from hosting another tournament, we need more money in

for a tournament with 17 entrants, the top player turnout is very good. Even if it doesnt get a big number of entrants, there will still be many good sets and will create a big spectacle for the stream
They could have done a better job advertising it but to be fair it’s the same weekend as Dreamhack Rotterdam which has Zain, Leffen, Cody, and a Summit Spot up for grabs
I am in the entrants for this. I signed up right as tickets came out cause I was scared It would fill up cause its pretty cheap and they also have some CODOps 2 which happens to be the COD I grew up on. The only reason I even saw it was cause it was posted here. They should have announced it sooner and need to beef up advertising for sure

They have a BO2 tournament too? That's so. If I lived closer to Texas I'd totally attend

it I’ll sign up. I just have to get lucky a top player getsand DQs and I can see myself with some extra money
Time for Wizzy to win this tournament and win back his Optic (formerly Envy) sponsorship
Ohthose attendees. This might be the smallest non invitational I'll ever care about Hoping for a Jmook W, but honestly would be happy if any of these guys won andI could see any of them doing it Also hoping to finally see Wizzy vs Jmook bro DELETE THIS you are ruining bobbys chance to buy a lifetime supply of cat food for his daughters with his winnings == About Community == Members Online Top 1% Ranked by Size