= pictures from the republic 1981 currently hosting 41,000 workers (some reposted since last time they were just hyperlinks that didnt work hopefully it does now) =

link to the map used (with population/infrastructure removed at start)
most of the houses are from this mod and other similar mods
a lot of choices ive made in this republic wouldn't represent the most efficient/effective gameplay choices because I have made a lot of arbitrary design choices on my infrastructure to give the republic a more creative style
the republic have all settings on hard, so there is a functioning economy and functioning power/water/etc and the republic is self sufficient to run from year to year, but i granted myself 40,000 rubles at the start of the game so that I had the freedom to be creative and not rush building up the industries and instead built starter towns/villages myself to work from
They are the irrigated farms linked here, they are farms that require water input but have greatly expanded crop output
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