Your guide to DigitalOcean partner business resources
All of us at DigitalOcean welcome you to our Partner Program! This is an exciting time for us all and we are thrilled to have you as part of our extended team, bringing DigitalOcean solutions to the huge market of SMBs and developers around the world

DigitalOcean is committed to working with you, our partners. Our goal is to expand our business, add more value to your customers, your own company’s offerings and your business overall. And, a core value of DigitalOcean… make it all simpler

This site provides you with some basic business information. This applies to each new partner and active/established ones

Your Partner Development Manager is your primary point of contact, working closely with the Account Executives that support your sales efforts. Your PDM is your interface into all the other DigitalOcean teams that support your business

Deal Registration is available to all DigitalOcean partners and is an easy way to ensure your company gets the sales/SE support and credit for your DigitalOcean sales. This is a simple way to decrease your sales load, speed up the sales process and work more efficiently

Request DigitalOcean market development funds for your campaign
DigitalOcean partners have access to our Market Development Funds (MDF) to help fund your marketing and lead generation efforts. MDF can be used for items and marketing components like (partial list):
Current MDF Guidelines that provide more details, requirements and processes are available

Start thinking about creative ways to reach new accounts, and let’s work together on building your pipeline! Our branding guidelines are available to help you create marketing materials, website content

Establish and expand your knowledge of DigitalOcean products
A thorough knowledge of DigitalOcean products is critical for our partners. Here are some resources to help you build this knowledge. These will be complemented by live training sessions set up by your PDM

The most important components to success as a DigitalOcean partner
This is a true partnership where both work together to establish andthe business. Some of the key components of our partnership include