It can get quite overwhelming for beginners to create websites on their own. But, trust me, it’s not hard at all!
With the advent of technology, anyone can make a free website on WordPress, without having to spend any money or time

So, to help you get started here is a complete step-by-step guide on how you can make a free website on WordPress and make it live on the internet

Let’s get started, shall we?
We are going to make a free website on WordPress in just two parts,
== Part 1: Launch your Website ==
In Part 1, we will first set up our account with the hosting provider and then make our website live on the Internet. So, we are going to do this in 3 steps,
 Step 1: Create an account in 
Profreehost is the hosting provider that is going to help us make a free website on WordPress. So, to create an account, go to

So to create the account go to

In the home page, click
Register Now
Now you will be taken to a page where you can register for a new account

Here, enter the Email address and password to register for an account. Then, click the button with a tick

You should get the following notification after you fill out your details. It means you need to activate your account. The link to activate your profreehost account will be sent to your email

Check your email for a message from Free Host with an activation link

Click on the Activate Account button to activate your account

After you have clicked on Activate Account, you will be redirected to your account on Profreehost as shown below

**Step 2: Get your Free Domain**
A domain is the name of your website. This is the name that a visitor enters into the browser to visit your website

So to get your domain name,
Create New Account

Now you will need to choose a name for your website. We have chosen “techyleaf.”
This will be the domain name of your website that your visitors will need to access your website

Now enter the chosen domain name to check if it’s available or not

You can see that the domain we chose is available and can be used to make a free website on WordPress

You can also change the last part of your domain to as shown below

Now to get this domain,
Click the button with the tick on it to continue

Now you should get a confirmation message as shown below

As it says, ‘Success We have got our free domain

**Step 3: Install WordPress on your domain**
Now that we have got our free domain, it’s time to make a free website. WordPress is the platform that going to help us make a free website. But, why WordPress?
Well, WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System that lets you build websites without any coding. So, once we install WordPress, our website will be live on the Internet

To install WordPress,
Click the
Manage’ **button

Once you click manage, it will take you to this page shown below
Now click
Control Panel
From the control panel, under the software tab
Click on the
Softaculous Apps Installer
It will take you to the page with various softwares that can be installed on a website

Here, Select WordPress and Click
Now you will get to this page, and go to Admin Account

Here you will need to enter a
**username and password **for your WordPress installation

This will be used to log in to your website later on

Once you have entered these details, click

As you can see, WordPress is successfully installed

Now you can click on the link to your website as shown in the image below and your website should be live on the internet

Success! Your brand-new website is live

Now that you have successfully launched your website, it is time to start building it. It’s time to customize and build your dream website

So, let’s go to the second part of this tutorial

**Part 2: Build your dream website**
Building your website includes customizing the design of the website, adding relevant pages, and adding our content to the website

So we are going to do this in
**4 Steps
- Log in to your website
- Choose a Design for your website
- Edit the Content of your website
- Changing the Site Header
**Step 1: Log in to your website**
To log into your site, just type ‘/wp-admin’ after your site’s address and press enter

It will take you to the login page of your website. For example ‘’

It will take you to the login page of your website

Now enter the login details which you created for your WordPress. And click
You will be taken to your WordPress Dashboard, which is where you can control your entire website

Once you have logged in, we can now go to the next step

**Step 2: Choose a design for your website**
Instead of building your site from scratch, you are going to choose a design and then customize it to make your dream website. To select your website design, you need to install a theme called Astra in WordPress

So to install the theme, go to
Appearance’ **And click Themes
In the Themes section, click
**Add New** **Theme** to add a theme

You will be taken to a library of themes. here, search for a theme called Astra

Now select the Astra theme and click

Once you have installed this theme, you will be able to choose from a wide range of website designs

After the installation is complete, click on
**Activate** to start using the theme

Now that the theme is installed and activated, let’s choose a design for your website,
**Get Started
On the next page, you will find a set of different Page Builders you can use to build your dream website. of all the page builders, we recommend using Elementor, as it is a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder that has lots of built-in blocks that can help you add any feature on the website

So, click on
And here you will find different website designs which you can apply to your site. You can choose any design that you like

We are choosing
Digital Agency design

When you click on your chosen design, you will be able to see a preview of how your site will look. To apply this design to your site,
Click on
Import Complete Site
**Import** to start the import

Do not close the window until the import is complete. Once the import is complete, click on
**View Site** to see your website’s design

The complete website’s design that we chose will be imported to our website. This design has some sample content in it

Now how do you change the content of these pages?
**Step 3: Edit the content of your website **
Now to edit the content of your website, all you need to do is enter the page in editing mode and work on it. As we are using Elementor Page builder, here we will choose to edit with Elementor

So here we are going to edit the home page, so just click
Edit with Elementor
You will be taken to the editing section as shown below

You can edit any element on the page. For example, if you wanted to edit the main heading

Select the heading text, and you can simply rewrite the text as you wish

Next, if you want to change the text on the More Info button,
Again, just select and edit it

You can edit any text you want in the same way by selecting the text and then start typing. This method works throughout the site

Let’s try and change an image. Again, all you have to do is click on the picture, and then click on the image on the left side over here

On the next screen simply drag and drop a suitable image from your computer

As you can see the image has been changed

Now once you’re done with all the changes, just click
Now if we go to our site and click refresh, you can see, all the changes are here

So now you know how to edit any page on your website

**Step 4: Changing the Site Header**
Next, we are going to see
**how you can change the header area of your website
To change this area, you need to select

Once the customizer is open, you will see various blue icons next to the sections. If you want to change any section, just click the blue icon next to it

For example, if you want to change the logo, click the
**little blue icon** next to it. This will open the logo customizer and you can change your logo from here

Once you are done with the changes, click

And if you go back to your site and click refresh, your changes will be made on your website

Now that you know how to edit a page and change the header of your website,
What if you want to add a new page to your website?
Well, that’s easy too!
== How to add a new page to your site ==
To add a new page to your website, just go to
**New** and click **Page
Let’s say you want to create a service page for your website

**Enter a title And then, click **Edit with Elementor** to add design and content to your new page

You will be taken to a blank page in Elementor

You have two options to create your page

**Option 1: Create your own page** **Option 2: Using Ready-made Template**
 Option 1: 
**Creating your own page**
To create a page from scratch, You can choose from the elements on the left of the screen and then drag and drop them into the blank area

So, let’s say, if you want to add a heading, you can drag and drop this element into the page

And then, you can enter your own text

If you want to add an image to the page, drag and drop the image element from the left to the page’s working area as shown below

Once an image element has been added you can then choose the image that you would like to add by clicking on the
**Choose Image **button

**Option 2: Using Ready-made Templates**
In the above step, we saw how you could create a new page and add content to it

There is an alternate way of creating pages, which is by using templates. Templates are ready-made pages that you can import into your website

To create a page using a template, click on the
**add template button
You will find several templates, as shown in the image below. If you like a design that you would like to import, simply click on the template

Once you click on the template, you will get to see the preview of the page

Now to import the page to your website, click on
**Insert **The template will then be imported into your website as shown below. **
You can easily customize anything on the page by simply selecting it and changing either the text or images

Once you are done with the changes, click on
You can then view the page by clicking on
**Have a Look
Now as you can see we have our new service page here

So this is how you can add a new page to your website

Now that we have successfully created a free website, anyone can access your site by going to the website address

== Bonus part: How you can use a custom domain name with the website that we created. ==
One of the major disadvantages of using a free domain name is that it is not easy to remember. For example in this tutorial our domain name is
If you would prefer to have a unique website address let say, you will need to purchase domain

Let’s see how you can buy a .com domain name. All you have to do is click this link which will take you to GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best hosting providers available in the market that we have chosen after carefully considering several hosting factors

To get started, search for your domain name and click on search

If the domain name is available, click on
**Continue to Cart
Now you can choose whether or not to include GoDaddy’s Privacy protection, and

Now in order to get this domain name, GoDaddy will ask you to create an account

Enter your details like Email address, username, and click
**Create Account
Now as you can see, we’re getting this domain for 1 year, which means once you make the payment, you will be able to use this domain for 1 year
Now to get the domain, let’s enter our card details to complete the payment

And click
**Complete Purchase. **
Once the domain name has been purchased, on the next screen, click on your name

Here, click on
**My Products
You will see that the domain is now listed under your account

Now if you go to on Google, you can see that it is empty

**How you can move your site to your .com domain. **
Moving your website to a .com domain is pretty easy and can be done in
**2 simple steps
 Step 1: A 
**dd the domain to**
To add your domain to, open your
**Profreehost cPanel
Under domains, click on

Now enter the domain name that was registered with Godaddy

Now to move your website to the new domain you need to add these DNS addresses displayed in GoDaddy

So, let’s copy the DNS servers

And then go to GoDaddy,
Click on
Then scroll down and go to nameservers and click
**Enter my own nameservers (advanced
Here, paste the copied nameserver details into these two blocks and click
You have now successfully added the nameserver details. Once you’ve added, these details go back to your control panel

Now, click
**Add Parked Domain
As soon as you click this button, your new domain will be added to ProFreeHost

**Step 2: Add your domain name to WordPress**
To move your website to your new domain, you need to add your domain to WordPress

To do this, simply copy your domain name

Now go to your WordPress dashboard, select Settings and click on
Here you can see the free domain which you selected in the beginning. This needs to be replaced with the new domain name from GoDaddy

Simply paste your new domain which you have copied earlier, into both the WordPress Address and Site Address boxes

Scroll down and click
**Save Changes
As soon as you click save changes, your website will be moved to your new domain, and your website will be ready to receive visitors

Now, let’s take a look

Go to the tab where your new domain was showing a blank site and click
That’s it, guys!
As you can see, we’ve created a fully functional free website on WordPress. Here is a video tutorial on the same for you to follow along,
Though a free website is great, to begin with, it is not advisable in the long run. So, you can upgrade to a .com domain using one of the hosting providers like GoDaddy

Now that you have created a WordPress website on your own, check the 7 important steps that you must do after launching a WordPress site

And if you are still sceptical about WordPress, here are 7 Reasons why you should use WordPress. If you are confused between and, check our blog on vs to know the differences

For regular updates on more such WordPress tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel

== Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ==
 1. How can I make a free website? 
You can create your own free website by following this simple step-by-step workflow,
1. Create an account in
2. Get Your Free Domain
3. Install WordPress on your free domain
4. Log in to your website
5. Choose a design for your website

6. Edit the content of your website
7. Add a new page to your site
 2. Is it ok to use free web hosting? 
Yes, you can use free web hosting when you’re new to WordPress and want to learn within a budget. But if you’re making a website for business or for professional purposes always go for a paid hosting provider

As a beginner, you may be confused to choose the best hosting provider, as there are a lot of companies that provide reliable and better security. That is why we came up with the Best web hosting providers for 2022

 3. Having a problem importing complete site using Elementor? 
Instead of importing a complete website design, try to import the pages of the website’s design that you chose one by one to get the entire site imported without any issues

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