= What are the limitations of a free WordPress account with no plan and no hosting at all ? =

So basically I am tinkering around Word Press and preparing myself on how to handle it, basically I have created a demo account just to discover it before I move decide to pay

As far as I have discovered though wondering around the dashboard and articles that I cannot install/upload plugins unless I subscribe to a plan

I couldn't find some tools/pages such as the security tab on the dashboard and the theme editor, I was wondering if they didn't show up because I haven't had hosted my website or that I haven't subscribed the the WordPress plan

Finally if you can enlighten me about other features that are not accessible to free users

Thank you for your time ^^
So, it sounds like you are talking about a free WordPress.com account. WordPress.com and the free WordPress software from Wordpress.org are similar, but do have some differences:
The easiest way to learn WordPress for "free" is to install locally (on your computer instead of a webhost)

It's not particularly difficult and you can learn a lot

Otherwise, you'll need to pay in some fashion (though this will give you a live website to show off). Either purchase a super cheap hosting package from Bluehost or GoDaddy or whatever budget host you can find. Or purchase a WordPress.com plan that will allow you to upload themes and plugins

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