Tired of your website loading slowly, timing out, and just all-around taking too long to work on and use? Not wanting to drop $200+ on a private dedicated server to fix your speed woes? Want to keep your site up-to-date, worry-free? We’ve got you covered on all fronts. At Jack & Bean, we want our clients to have the fastest website foundation available. We have created a unique hosting offering that allows you to experience absurd dedicated server hosting speeds at a fraction of the cost of a traditional private dedicated server. We even keep the site updated and secured! Our dedicated server WordPress hosting will be the fastest hosting you’ve ever experienced – guaranteed

The Right Hosting Resources in All the Right Places Traditional shared hosting and even pricey virtual private server (VPS) hosting products both artificially limit I/O usage like the CPU and network bandwidth, while overselling far too much storage space than is needed for typical business WordPress sites – knowing full-well you’ll never use it. This way they can cram hundreds (or even thousands) of websites into a single server. It’s a win-win for them, and a lose-lose for you. We’ve flipped this scenario and tailored our fully-controlled dedicated servers’ offerings to fit business WordPress needs more practically, while saving you the price tag of a private dedicated server (PDS). We help keep costs low by providing less SSD space and RAM than similarly-priced VPS solutions, but still 10X the space and 25X the RAM you’ll use, on average. Conversely, we offer unlimited server I/O resources on-demand, for when you need it most. We also keep your site backed up, updated and secured, at no additional cost

J&B Hosting: Exactly What Businesses Need Unlike traditional website hosts, we developed our hosting offering for maximum speed, reliability and client affordability, rather than from a money-making approach. At Jack & Bean, we developed our hosting offerings out of a desire to benefit ourselves and our clients by making it as fast and affordable as possible. We aimed to remove eliminate website hosting environments as a limiting factor for our development and marketing efforts. Our dedicated server hosting is far superior to shared and VPS solutions, which are fundamentally the same: both limit your I/O resources (like CPU usage and bandwidth) to a small percentage of the server’s maximum, to cram as many websites as possible onto the machine for maximum profitability. Jack & Bean is a digital content marketing agency based out of Phoenix, AZ. We aren’t out to be a web host. But we know that site speed impacts both user experiences and SEO, and so we simply have crafted this specialized hosting offering to provide ourselves and our clients the fastest website hosting environments to develop on and market from. We are happy to undercut VPS pricing while providing more crucial resources where it matters. As developers and steward WordPress admins for hundreds of business websites, we at Jack & Bean interact with and benefit from fast hosting in more ways than lay website visitors. We give our clients no reason to balk at our dedicated server hosting offerings. When a website is fast, it’s a win-win-win: for our agency, our SMB clients, and their consumers

In addition to its raw speed, our hosting plan comes with many bells and whistles. Modern solid-state drives (SSDs) offer up to 20X the read and write speeds of traditional HDDs. This makes them an obvious choice over mechanical hard disks, and we utilize SSDs exclusively in our dedicated servers for the fastest load times and development speeds. With the average business WordPress site using about 1GB of SSD/HDD space, we provide 10X that. Each of our hosting plans come with 10GB of SSD space. Similarly, without sufficient RAM, websites break. Most business WordPress websites need less than 40MB to run, so we play it safe and provide you 25X as much: 1024MB, better known as a gigabyte (1GB). It’s a bottomless pit you’ll (statistically) never use. You’re welcome. We provide complimentary 2048-bit SSLs, which keep data encrypted between your server and any site visitor interaction, so you and your visitors never have to worry about privacy. All websites on our dedicated server WordPress hosting have permanent backups created and archived each a month. But sometimes that is nowhere-near enough, when a worst-case scenario issue comes up. Perhaps you are working on your own website and yousomething accidentally, or a rogue employee gets in a wrecks havoc – we’ve seen it all. There are dozens of reasons why having daily backups can prove useful. A backup that’s even just a few days old might be devastatingly outdated. Luckily, we make full remote backups of your entire website every day, and keep them for 90 days in our enterprise-grade storage. We can roll your website back to whenever you need it. You can have peace of mind that your website can always be restored to just a few hours back if something catastrophic occurs – or if you’re messing around and just want it restored to yesterday’s version. We don’t judge. On top of our blazing fast dedicated server hosting environment “foundation”, we also offer several complimentary performance enhancements. We utilize the premium WP Rocket plugin for customizable caching, to serve up dynamic assets faster on WordPress sites, which are database-driven. We also employ a CDN through Cloudflare to mimic your site on servers worldwide for additional location-based speed and redundancy in the event of a short outage. We bundle hundreds of dollars in licenses and service fees for premium plugins and services: An average website is hit with several hundred infiltration attempts every day. Our active WordPress security through iThemes Security Pro can lock your site down like Fort Knox, with over 30 security measures. Our server also runs Imunify360 to actively monitor and scan for any advanced threats. Keeping your WordPress website’s environment updated is important for a host of reasons. Security foremost, as vulnerabilities are often pushed through updates for the many plugins your site relies on. Compatibility is also important, as plugins and themes can conflict and become outdated if left to age. We take care of all of this, and we warranty any WordPress issues that occur on our watch. When not properly updated, WordPress websites not only become vulnerable, but conflicts between outdated plugins, themes and the WordPress core can break your site’s functionality. This leads to unprofessional broken elements on your website and the entire site can go down. For a business, this risk is unacceptable. Minimizing downtime is paramount. Regularly updating your plugins, themes and WordPress core is crucial. But sometimes even the update process can create conflicts as well. Luckily, we back up your site daily and warranty any issues that arise with the update process. Our developers are well-versed in sniffing out and fixing WordPress conflicts, especially with plugins – the most common culprit in broken WordPress websites. Plus, we take care of the updates themselves each week for you. Images tend to comprise the bulk of a web page’s file size and related load time, which can have a negative SEO effect. We set up (and pay for) Imagify to intelligently compress your website’s images automatically to maximize web space and minimize load times, without sacrificing perceptible image quality. Just upload the largest version you have, and your website will take care of the rest. As email authentication gets increasingly strict, the built-in WordPress PHP mailers often get flagged as suspicious or spam. We setup premium transactional email routing through Mailgun to ensure emails sent from your site, like form submissions, are virtually-guaranteed to reach their destinations, with detailed logs to refer to for any troubleshooting. We do our absolute best to eliminate downtime related to our hosting environment. However, there are other reasons as website could go down, and so we monitor all of our hosted websites for any type of outage. If yours is ever detected to go down, we immediately get an email and begin looking into the issue for you. Broken links are embarrassing, bad for business, and detrimental to SEO. We provide broken link monitoring and can email you regularly with notification of any links that are broken, so your site stays fully functional, without any dead-ends.