If you are looking for great WordPress hosting that works flawlessly with Divi and comes with automatic Divi installation, then Divi Hosting is a great new solution for you. We partnered with some of our favorite WordPress hosts (Pressable, Flywheel and SiteGround) to give Divi customers a simple way to create Divi websites that are fast, backed by a modern hosting infrastructure that meets all of Divi’s requirements and supported by leading WordPress professionals

There are a lot of hosting options out there, and they aren’t all created equal. We help our customers every day deal with hosting-related compatibility issues that can be incredibly frustrating. Everyone needs hosting to use Divi, and your hosting experience doesn’t need to be a struggle

## What Is Divi Hosting Exactly?
Put simply, Divi Hosting is great WordPress hosting provided by our favorite WordPress hosts, fine-tuned to be Divi optimized and integrated with your Elegant Themes account to provide automatic Divi installation, license key generation and product activation. That means you can get your website up and running quickly and enjoy using Divi without having to worry about anything else

## Why Choose Divi Hosting?
Ultimately, every Divi user needs to make a choice about hosting, and making the wrong choice can lead to a lot of grief. We want to make that choice easy. Here are just a few things that make Divi Hosting unique:
- When you create your website, Divi comes installed automatically

- Your new website is automatically connected to your Elegant Themes account and set up with your license key so you can get updates and support

- Your hosting environment will be configured to meet all of Divi’s recommended PHP settings out of the box. No adjustments needed

- Your website will be powered by a fast and modern hosting infrastructure, which means fast load times and modern tools like automatic caching and CDNs

- You will be hosted by a company that knows WordPress inside and out

- You will be hosted by one of our partners, which means they are dedicated to ensuring a great Divi experience on their systems

## Do You
*Need* To Use Divi Hosting To Have A Great Divi Experience?

Absolutely not. There are a ton of great hosting solutions out there and Divi will always work great on great hosting environments. However, if you aren’t happy with your current host or if you are new to Divi and want a solution that you can trust, then Divi Hosting is a great way to go. Everyone needs hosting, so why not pick a host that has gone the extra mile to ensure a great Divi experience?
## How Did We Pick Our Hosting Partners?
We picked our hosting partners based on personal experience, and they are hosting solutions that we have already been recommending to our customers. Every time we launch a new Divi feature, we test that feature on a variety of hosting companies to make sure everything works great. In our years of testing we have had good experiences and bad experiences. We sought out some of our favorite hosts when creating Divi Hosting so that we could be confident in recommending them. By partnering with these hosts, we have taken their great hosting experience and made it even better for Divi users

## Divi Hosting By Pressable
Pressable lives and breaths WordPress. They are an Automattic company (you know, the guys who run WordPress.com and WordPress VIP!) and their unique hosting infrastructure has been built specifically to ensure great WordPress performance. They are backed by a team of passionate WordPress professionals that care about their customers. Their reviews speak for themselves

Get Divi Hosting By Pressable
## Divi Hosting By Flywheel
Flywheel hosting is delightful. Their focus on design and user experience has resulted in one of the best WordPress hosting experiences ever. They are 100% WordPress focused and have built fast NGINX servers on Google Cloud to provide a fast and scalable solution for all types of WordPress creators. They are also the creators of Local, a local development application that makes working on client websites a dream!
Get Divi Hosting By Flywheel
## Divi Hosting By SiteGround
SiteGround has been a leader in the web hosting space since 2004. They host over 2,000,000 websites and have a wide breadth of experience in all aspects of web hosting. They are also very active in the WordPress community. Their WordPress pricing structure is affordable and accessible and their recently redesigned hosting control panel is great!
Get Divi Hosting By SiteGround