= Trying to find an affordable host where I can start new WordPress sites on temp domains, without having a domain during setup, or the sites all existing inside my primary site.. =

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At my job I can create a new site WITHOUT having a domain and the site generates with a goofy temp domain. I LOVE this, I can get in there quick, make the site, share the temp domain with others, then attach my/clients domain at the very end.

While looking to establish a similar account for myself to work on numerous sites, I tried a couple but both seemed to require I have the domain right away. Additionally, it was confusing me with info about the site existing within sub folders of another site (my main site that the made me set up when making the account). But I don't want to make sites that are basically sub domains of each other, I don't fully understand how this would work for IPS and migrating away to clients afterwards.

Everywhere that describes the concept of Shared Hosting says your on a server with other websites, and that's basically it.. That's simple, but I didn't find any discussion on shared hosting implying all your site's are under one IP or one main site.

Please ELI5, clearly I don't know basic hosting/FTP/file stuff that I should 😰

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Hi Wordpress sites for badly on temporary domains since they always redirect to the main site ( eg. You have a temporary url of www.server.server.con/username/Wordpress will always try to redirect to domain.com unless you specifically install it on www.server.server.con/username/Wordpress .

The best non tech savvy way would be spending one or two dollars on the cheapest domain you can find on porkbun or namesilo ( eg. Domain.Xyz is only a dollar for the first year )and using that as your temporary domain

Yes, I always prefer to use a temporary testing domain when using cPanel hosting, and once the site is complete can use free All In One WP Migration or Migrate Guru plugins to migrate the site afterwards. But for OP, he could use a Reseller cPanel account to create a cPanel account for each development domain. cPanel should offer a preview system for WordPress like the Managed WP sites do. Well, cPanel recently added WP Toolkit for cPanel, so hopefully, they will improve it soon.

There are aof WP specific hosts that can help you manage this.

Alternatively, you can spin up a LAMP stack and use subdomains and Virtual Hosts on pretty much any VPS provider for ten bucks a month or so. Depending on your skill set and budget you could add a control panel to (open source or paid) or otherwise automate domain creation.

In essence this is what shared hosting does.

the temp site function you mentioned as exactly how it works on my company's GoGeek account for siteground & Managed Wordpress Account on Godaddy. Thoese are both pricy accounts though. I dont need to host many sites.. I just want to make websites that dont need a domain attached at the start (like you said). WPEngine looks expensive at a glance, would you say that is true?

On the cheaper shared hosting accounts that allow 100+ sites like hostinger/bluehost, if I owned a couple dirt cheap domains and just attach those when I start making a new site on the account are those sites like subdomains? As in are they stored under my main accounts domain name, or sharing an IP, that seems kind of odd & confusing when it comes to ftp, transfering & stuff..

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