cPanel has issued a free SSL certificate for your server’s hostname

SSL will be installed automatically today

Who is impacted?
Customers with a VPS/Dedicated hosting plan

You may have received an email from the cPanel team with a subject heading that follows: Your Free cPanel-signed Hostname SSL Certificate. Read further to learn about what this email means and how it affects you. 

What Does This Mean?

cPanel has issued a free SSL meant to provide certification for the default hostname of your server. This means you and your child cPanel account users will no longer see the when visiting cPanel or WHM. This is a convenient feature expected to eliminate confusion.

Here in the Support Center, you can .

What Do I Need to Do?

No action is required on the part of any customers. This change will be applied automatically after receipt of the email notification. Quoted from the email: "Your free certificate will renew automatically, less than one week before its expiration date, at no cost to you."

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