We provide up to 50 free 1-year SSL certificates along with Shared Hosting accounts

When you buy a Shared Hosting plan, add an add-on domain or subdomain, we add a PositiveSSL certificate to your account. SSL is issued and installed automatically for the added hostname. HTTPS Redirect is also set up automatically upon installation

**Who is eligible for this offer
The following customers can benefit from free 1-year PositiveSSL
- Clients who have purchased a new hosting account with one of the Shared Hosting plans

- Clients who are adding new domain names (add-on domains or subdomains) to their existing Shared Hosting plan

**What are offer restrictions
- This offer is
**only** available for Shared hosting packages

- You will get one SSL certificate
** for every unique hostname only once**

- It is possible to receive up to
**50 free SSL certificates** per one cPanel account

- The offer is valid for the
**first year** only. The renewals will be at the regular price

**A: **
Absolutely yes. If you are a new customer with the Shared Hosting package
and have example.net as the primary domain of your cPanel, you are getting your free 1-year PositiveSSL

**Q: **What if I do not want to use the free SSL certificate? **A: **
You can disable HTTPS redirect in Namecheap SSL plugin in
**Installed via 'Namecheap SSL' **
tab or uninstall

**Q: **I’ve had a Shared Hosting package with you for some time. Am I eligible for this offer? **A: **
Yes, you are. Adding a new domain via
**Addon domains**
cPanel menu or subdomain via
menu gives you free 1-year PositiveSSL

**Q: **I have a domain added to the cPanel and did not receive a free SSL for it, what should I do? **A
Please contact us in Live Chat
or Ticket
and our SSL Support Team will gladly add the certificate to your account.