= Chrystia Freeland brags to an IMF hosted panel about increasing the carbon tax despite record high cost of living and gas prices for CDNs: "we increased it this year, even in the face of higher inflation, and to me that shows meaningful commitment" =

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i've been wondering why no news media that celebrate this high gas price as "good for environment" when Trudeau and his cabinet have been saying for years that it's their objective to make gas price more expensive to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint. maybe because they'd remind canadians how out of touch those comments were.

And remember everyone …she’s the smart one of the two

The Liberal government increasing the carbon tax in a year where we're running 7% inflation (and 20%+ on core items, such as gas, groceries, etc.) is nonsensical.

Hilariously out of touch and indefensible.

It shows there is zero commitment because there is no real tangible goal. If the goal was to increase the price of carbon to reduce co2 output, then that goal was already hit. This is clearly just a cash grab under what sounds like a well-intended title.

This is the kind of thing Chrystia stans are completely missing. I dont deny that she's more smart and competent than Trudeau (which itself is a pretty low bar lol), but she is grotesquely out of touch. Outside of very elite circles, not a single person would hear this and think of it as a positive. But Freeland is a product of those circles, she doesn't understand how the peasants think. Trudeau is no everyman, but he's been able to overcome that with his personal popularity and sociability. Freeland doesn't even have that

Freeland will be to Trudeau what Campbell was to Mulroney.

Bobblehead should have stuck it out as a journalist, writing articles about glory holes in thunderbay, on and how her father won the deepaward.

had to get a cosignor for a mortgage lmao.

It's amazing how unqualified people end up running stuff.

My dog needs a job.

The conservative premiers don't want any price on carbon, period. Doesn't matter if it's cap and trade or a carbon tax.

That's why they took the federal government to court over it, and the left-leaning SCC pulled a ruling out of theirsaying the carbon tax is "in the national interest".

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