Google Cloud is a platform that increases the speed and efficiency of your work. In it, you can do information technology, biotechnology, the internet of things, machine learning, web or mobile app development, and much more.

Probably you know that Google Cloud gives a free trial option. I previously wrote an article on this, that Google offers a $300 credit for a year in its cloud trial.

So the concept of one year free trial of Google Cloud was changed to three months (90 days) period. Google said in its blog that by 2019, it had trained about 0.75 million developers. According to research by Google, they noticed that the developer success rates are higher in the first quarter of the trial period.

*Therefore, on August 17, Google reduced the free trial period from 12 months to 3 months.*

== Google Cloud’s Subscription Options ==

If you are a new Google Cloud customer, you will get a $300 credit for free. That is optional, and you can leave if you don’t want to. With this $300 credit, you can avail any services of Google Cloud without spending any extra money.

But keep in mind, this free trial amount is now only for three months, which used to be 12 months before August 2020.

So let’s talk about the subscription option of the Google Cloud Platform. In such a situation, there is only one option, but that option has all the advantages.

First, if you are a new customer, you will be provided a credit of $300. Second, if you are an existing customer and have used free credit, you will still be allowed to use some products of Google Cloud for free.

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== Google Cloud Free Tier [always Free With Limited Access] ==

Do not get confused between this free tier and a free trial of GCP.

In the free trial, you are given a $ 300 credit for 90 days. If you upgrade your Google Cloud account after the use of the free trial credit or after the expiration period, you can use some of the pre-defined products for free. If you want detailed information about Google Cloud Free tier, Click here for Google’s Article.

== How to Get Free Google Cloud Subscriptions? ==

Okay, so for the subscription to Google Cloud, we will need a few things:

- Valid Debit/Credit Card (Visa, Master, Maestro Card)(Should have a minimum $1 amount on card)

- Valid Address

- Valid Phone/Mobile Number

Note: In the process of verification, Google deducts a small amount from your bank card. These vary by country, if you are related to India then there is a minimum deduction of one rupee.

== Steps for Getting Google Cloud’s Free Trial ==

I will tell you to step-by-step process here, so you can take a trial of Google Cloud (GCP), in which you get $300 free credit, and you can use all the products.

 Step – 1. Search “GCP” or Google Cloud on Google 

Search the term “ **GCP on google and click the result “ **GCP Free Tier as shown in the image below or Click this official Link for Google Cloud Platform Free tier.

 Step – 2. Click on Get Started for Free 

When you are going to sign up for Google Cloud Platform Free Tier, then you should already be logged in with your Google Account, then click the button **Get started for free** as shown below in the image.

 Step – 3. Fill Your Personal Information [divided Into Sub-steps] 

Now, this step is most important to getting a Google Cloud Platform Free Tire subscription. Google will ask you to fill in personal information like; **Country name **Your Name **Address and your **Debit **or **Credit card** information for verification.

**Sub-step 1 of 2 Select Country

So when you click the button Get Started for Free, there will open a new page and prompt for filling in your personal information in steps.

So the first step is your Country name, So select your current Country name.

**Sub-step 2 of 2 Customer info

After selecting the country name, there will be an open new page for Step two. Now Google will prompt you to fill in your information, as you can see below in the picture. If you have been taking the trial on behalf of your company, then select Business, or if you want to use it individually, then select **Individual

Now enter your Name and Address in the required field.

**In Sub-step 2** – Fill in your Credit/Debit Card details for verification.

After filling in all personal information, Google will prompt you to fill in your debit or credit card information. You should have a Visa, Master, and Maestro International Card. This step is required for your information and payment verification.

Note:Sometimes Google also prompts us to fill in additional information like Payment Proof. In case you should take these steps for verifications.

== Payment Verification ==

After everything completing Google prompt you to verify your account/payment proof. You can see in the image below, that now click on **VERIFY ACCOUNT

 Fill Your Payment Information 

Now fill in all required information then, click **Submit This process takes some days, so keep the patience.

== FAQs About Google Cloud Platform Free Tier ==

 What can you do with the Google Cloud Platform? 

Google Cloud Platform provided by Google Inc. In this platform, users can run a computing engine, run and host web applications, and store data without any server, and these are some products that are provided by GCP:

Compute, Storage & Databases, Networking, Big Data, Cloud AI, Management Tool, Identity & Security, IoT, API Platform.

 Is Google Cloud Platform Free? 

Yes, Google Cloud Platform is free in two cases, first Google provides a 3-month free trial with $300 credit, and the second is **Always free **with limited resources use. That means Google Cloud Platform is not totally free.

 Can we host a website on the Google Cloud Platform? 

Yes, Google provides cloud hosting and data storage, so you can host your website or develop it. Google Cloud Platform also provides Cloud web hosting App engines like WordPress and other CMS applications.

== Wrapping up ==

I told you step by step with pictures of how you can sign up on the Google Cloud Platform.

Sometimes Google asks for payment verification forprotection, as I mentioned in the last step. For this, you have to submit the statement of your bank card along with your billing ID.